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Here to Help

Customer, community and people are key components as Torrens Connect takes over the Adelaide tram operations in July.

Standing alongside the Torrens Connect commitment to simpler, faster and more connected journeys, the three key components have led to the establishment of the first Adelaide tram Customer Experience (CX) team.

Headed up by customer service professional Zeena Nauman, the CX team will be getting on the front foot to ensure the best possible travel experience for our customers, as provided by our people and for our community.

The CX team consists of a dedicated group of professionals seeking and analysing feedback to put in place pro-active customer experience measures. They will be backed by a passionate group of customer service officers (CSOs) who will be out on the trams to help people one-on-one with their journey and gather even more feedback.

Torrens Connect General Manager Magda Robertson said the CX team is a vital component of the new tram operation being run in partnership with the SA State Government, the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and the AdelaideMetro public transport co-ordination operation.

“This is a significant and very positive addition to the way public transport is delivered in Adelaide,” Magda said.

“Taking on the operation of our trams comes with a very big responsibility for Torrens Connect and an even bigger obligation to our customers.

“Our State Government has entrusted us with the Adelaide tram system and we take that responsibility to our community very seriously.

“Drawing on the vast experience of the Torrens Connect partnership – Torrens Transit, UGL and John Holland – we are making a commitment to South Australia and our customers to provide the very best transport experience possible.”


Along with every tram driver, maintenance person and administrative team member, the CX team will play a key role in achieving the Torrens Connect customer experience goals. The CX  team will not only work closely with AdelaideMetro to address any issues raised by our customers … it will be putting measures in place to provide a clean, safe and friendly transport environment.

“This is about engaging and connecting with our customers and community to find out what they want on their transport service,” Magda said.

“Our CX team will be putting in place the very best customer service practices to create a transport environment that will deliver simpler, faster and more connected journeys for people living, working and visiting Adelaide.”

Torrens Connect has sought out the very best customer service professionals to fill several CSO roles. Customers will see them appearing on the trams over the next few months after extensive training and mentoring.

“You’ll recognise them by the Torrens Connect uniforms and their big smiles,” Magda said.

“Please say hi, and ask anything you need to know about the tram service.

“They are onboard to help you on your journey and beyond as we aim to make your Adelaide tram journey the very best experience.”

Torrens Connect is a joint venture with Transit Systems (Torrens Transit), John Holland Group and UGL. Under the contractual arrangement, all enquiries and feedback regarding the trams and bus services should still be directed to Adelaide Metro on https://www.adelaidemetro.com.au/