Permit to work

Tram network safety

No one is authorised in the Danger Zone at any time unless:

  • Appropriate safe working has been identified and appropriate protection arrangements have been made as per the relevant scope and work instruction or safe work method statement
  • They are appropriately qualified and/or certified
  • They are authorised to do so
  • They are required to do so in an emergency.

Everyone, when on or near the track, must:

  • Wear the approved high visibility clothing and PPE as per the minimum requirements. If the work instructions or safe work method statement (SWMS) require any PPE above the minimum requirement this is to be adhered to.
  • Behave responsibly
  • Follow the instructions of the Person In Charge (PIC), Protection Officer (PO) or Lookout Worker (LO) who is a competent person appointed to provide a level of protection and supervision
  • Take care of their own safety and the safety of others
  • Report any incidents, hazards or breaches to Tram Control.


The minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements are:

  • Long sleeves, long pants (for any electrical works)
  • Orange safety vest, jacket, or shirt with a reflective cross on the back (as per AUS/NZ Standards 1906.4:2010 and 4602.1:2011)
  • Lace-up safety shoes/ankle-high safety boots
  • Sun protection
  • Any additional PPE in in the SWMS for specific task requirements
  • Red and/or green coloured clothing is not permitted within the rail corridor due to the potential risks associated with Tram Operators being able to comply with Signals.

Rail safety work

Persons undertaking rail safety work within the rail corridor must carry identification with them that has the ability to link with the relevant training and competencies for the role that the worker will be undertaking, as per section 118 of the RSNL.

To access the Tram Network, Torrens Connect requires Rail Safety Workers to carry a Rail Industry Worker (RIW) Card.

All RSWs entering the Tram Network will be required to associate themselves with Torrens Connect through the RIW portal. This will allow the PTWC to have full visibility of training and competencies and the ability to allocate RSWs TC applicable inductions. A fee of $10 will be required for delivery of the ORI.

Non-rail safety work

Persons requiring access to the rail corridor, who will not be conducting Rail Safety Work are required to complete the Rail Operations Induction (ORI) which will be delivered online through the RIW portal.

To enable the PTWC to allocate the Induction, information in relation to the person(s) name and email address will be required to be provided when applying for a PTW. A fee of $15 will be required for setting up a Non-RSW in the RIW portal and for the delivery of the ORI.