Permit to work

Due to the additional hazards that exist when working in and around the tram corridor, a permit must be submitted to Torrens Connect, and authorisation received, prior to the commencement of works.

This includes filming and photography at a stop or on board a tram. 

Permit to Workbrochure coverAn information brochure (270 KB PDF) contains more detailed information about the Danger Zone that represents the safe boundary of the tram corridor, the types of activities that require a permit, and information about how to apply for a permit.

Once a permit application has been submitted to Torrens Connect you will receive a response within two business days.

Please note that applications must be lodged at least 21 days in advance of works.

The Danger Zone represents the safe boundary of the tram corridor. Crossing over the boundary could lead to a major safety risk, such as collision with a tram or electrocution. It is defined as 3 m from the nearest rail and extending above and below the ground to ensure safety around the overhead lines. Where there is more than one track, the area between the tracks is also considered to be within the Danger Zone.

Those seeking a permit to work must familiarise themselves with:

before submitting the application form.

Register for Permit to Work

For any further information please contact Torrens Connect at