Electrical safety

Caution, risk of electric shockFor access to and work within the electrified parts of the Tram Network, the following requirements must be adhered to:

  • No plant, equipment or personnel are permitted to work within three (3) metres of the live infrastructure or overhead wiring (OHW).
  • Work that has the potential for plant, equipment, or personnel to come within three (3) metres of the live infrastructure or overhead contact wire will require the overhead to be isolated. The applicant will incur a cost for isolations.
  • A person responsible for electrical safety (PRES) is required for any work in the electrified environment that requires the overhead wire to be de-energised or isolated.
  • Where there is potential for the work to encroach the three (3) metre zone, the applicant must supply a SWMS or JSEA.
  • If the height of the overhead wire is required to be known to manage the safety of the work or infrastructure, then advice should be sought from the PTWC.

Please refer to ENG-PRO-ELM-0001 600V DC Tram Electrical Safety Instructions for further information.

Safe Approach Distance is three (3) metres below or level with live infrastructure or contact wire.