Permit to work

Access requirements

All sub-contractor Rail Safety Workers must have received at least one dose of a Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) approved COVID-19 vaccine or have a medical exemption as required by the Emergency Management (Passenger Transport Vaccination) (COVID-19) Direction 2021.

All sub-contractor RIW card holders must complete and submit a COVID-19 Declaration Form before permission can be granted to access any site.

Rolling stock

Network access that includes movement of any rolling stock must be in accordance with the Tram Rules.

All rolling stock must be certified by Torrens Connect’s accredited certifier in accordance with the applicable standard, including:

  • ENG-ENS-NIL-0023 Requirements for Road-Rail Vehicles Accessing and Operating on the Tram Network
  • ENG-ENS-NIL-0047 Requirements for Trolleys and Trailers Accessing and Operating on the Tram Network
  • ENG-ENS-NIL-0041 Requirements for Track Machines Accessing and Operating on the Tram Network.

A copy of the compliance certificate/s is to be provided as part of the Permit to Work (PTW) application.

PTW applications involving rolling stock are also required to include a plan of travel as follows:

  • List of all movements
  • Start and end locations
  • On and off locations for hi rails
  • Stabling locations if required
  • All operating conditions and restrictions applicable to the rolling stock.

Adjacent rail network

At various locations there is a shared interface with other Rail Transport Operators (RTOs), specifically:

  • Goodwood Intersection – Keolis Downer & ARTC
  • Port Road Bridge – Keolis Downer & ARTC

Where the work has the potential to impact another RTO’s infrastructure, the applicant must ensure they comply with the other operator’s network access requirements.

Note: This is the not the responsibility of Torrens Connect.