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Continually striving for improvement

A tram at the intersection of Jetty and Brighton Roads, Glenelg.

While some of the Adelaide Metro tram network is a closed corridor, a good part of it is shared with road users: Jetty Road (Glenelg) and through the CBD to the Entertainment Centre at Hindmarsh. While trams might have their own ‘lane’ through the city, they are still subject to traffic lights, like all other road users.

So, when you have to keep to a set timetable, how can you avoid delays due to getting stuck in traffic?

Torrens Connect has been working with the South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA) and the Traffic Management Centre (TMC) to optimise traffic light sequences along the route, and to help avoid traffic congestion on Jetty Road – congestion that can block trams from accessing the dedicated tram corridor.

As a result, trams are experiencing fewer delays, and there is less traffic congestion!

It’s all part of Torrens Connect’s continual process of operations analysis and striving to improve the customer experience. Torrens Connect is proud of its record so far in exceeding KPIs for reliability and on-time running.

The video below features Tony Braxton-Smith, Chief Executive for the Department for Infrastructure and Transport, discussing what Torrens Connect has achieved.