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How do you wash a tram?

While crews clean the insides of trams regularly, how do you wash the outside of a tram?

The answer is: with a tram wash!

A tram stopped in front of the tram wash bay

Car owners know how much dust and road grime gets thrown up onto their cars, and trams are no different.

In much the same way as cars can be put through an automatic car wash, trams are driven at a slow speed through a wash bay at the Glengowrie depot.

Once the wash bay is activated, the tram is driven slowly through the bay and is sprayed with cleaning agents.

Then the tram is driven back the other way and squirted with water for a thorough clean.

The water is housed in an underground tank and is recycled over several wash cycles.

A tram is washed almost every day, so as there are 24 trams in the fleet, on average, each tram is washed approximately once a month!

The tram wash bay at Glengowrie depot