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Body cams on board

Torrens Connect’s Customer Service Officers are now wearing body cameras when performing duties.

Close up of a body-worn camera attached to a hi-vis vest worn by a Customer Service Officer on board a tram

Sometimes it feels like there are cameras everywhere these days: dash cams, traffic cams, CCTV… not to mention the constant presence of smart phones.

While some might view this as an Orwellian nightmare, the reason for the abundance of cameras is simple: they greatly contribute to people’s safety.

The safety of both customers and employees is paramount at Torrens Connect, which is why Customer Service Officers are now wearing body cams.

Body-worn cameras have been used by police and security services for some time and even supermarkets are starting to use them.

Our CSOs are there to assist customers in all sorts of ways: with information, purchasing tickets, ensuring customer safety, and more. Sometimes that assistance involves having to deal with other unruly customers. CSOs also undertake ticket checks, a task which can put them in confrontational situations.

The cameras serve a number of purposes:

Body-worn cameras can deter unruly or threatening behaviour – many people behave differently when they are being watched or are aware of the presence of a camera. This makes it safer for Customer Service Officers when they are trying to do their job.

In certain circumstances, camera footage can also provide additional evidence* about conversations and situations.

Importantly, footage can also be used to review situations afterwards: to see whether things could have been handled differently and what could be improved – which ultimately results in better service for all of our customers.

After an initial trial over several months, all Customer Service Officers are now fully trained in the use of body-worn cameras, and wear them when performing customer service and ticket checking duties.

Torrens Connect’s use of body worn cameras is in strict compliance with the South Australian Surveillance Devices Act (2016).

* Customer Service Officers are also Prescribed Officers under the Regulations pertaining to the Passenger Transport Act whose notes can be used as evidence in a court of law.

Watch the story that was featured on 7News Adelaide on 3 September 2021: