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Rail Safety Week

A moment of distraction can change your life forever.

A Customer Service Officer standing on the platform with a tram behind

Rail Safety Week (RSW) is held annually in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness and improve safety both in the community and for rail industry workers. It is an initiative of the TrackSAFE Foundation and this year was held 9–15 August, marking the 16th anniversary of the event.

Safety (one of our core values) is paramount at Torrens Connect – of customers, employees, and others near the rail corridor (pedestrians, cyclists, motorists).

While we endeavour to promote safe travel practices at all times, Rail Safety Week provides that special opportunity to engage with customers.

During the Week, our Customer Service Officers set up an information stand at a number of key tram platforms (such as Moseley Square, Victoria Square, and Rundle Mall) to help inform customers of key issues.

The theme for the Week was “Stand back. Look up. Stay rail safe.”

Every day, tram operators see customers approaching the tramlines while distracted by mobile devices and wearing headphones or earbuds which can mask the sound of approaching trams.

Customers are encouraged to stand back from the edge of platforms, take especial care to look for trams and other vehicles, and to cross at designated places rather than cutting across tracks and busy roads.

CSOs and tram operators also reminded customers that masks are now compulsory on public transport, and of the importance of utilising the new QR codes on board trams to check in with the mySA GOV app.

“We want all of our customers to have a safe and pleasant journey. We’re all thinking about work, and picking up children, or what we’ll have for dinner, and sometimes we just have to remind customers to be aware of their surroundings,” says Head of Customer Experience Zeena Nauman. “You just have to read about the experience of the Rail Safety Ambassador Vanessa Low to realise what could happen!”

Torrens Connect is proud of its strong culture promoting safety in the workplace but the Week again provided opportunities to remind employees of the importance of being aware of their surroundings, creating a safe working environment, and encouraging workers to speak up if they are concerned about their own or a workmate’s safety.

Take the TrackSAFE Quiz to test your rail safety knowledge and stay rail safe.

Person with 2 prosthetic legs standing on a platform behind the yellow line. Text reads: Stand back. Look up. Stay rail safe.