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Service with a smile

Customer Service Officers are there to assist you.

Customer Service Officers in a tram doorway

Torrens Connect has four Customer Service Officers and by now regular commuters might be familiar with the faces of Belinda, David, Sukhwinder and Rory.

Customer service is a priority at Torrens Connect, so the process of employing and training Customer Service Officers happened as soon as Torrens Connect took over running Adelaide’s tram network.

CSOs are always to be found helping with crowds boarding trams at Festival Plaza and the Adelaide Railway Station after big events at Adelaide Oval (such as footy matches or the recent NRL State of Origin match). You’ll also find them out informing and assisting customers when serious incidents cause disruptions and delays to services.

Another role of the CSOs is to undertake ticket checks. They’ve been doing this for a while now, warning commuters who are travelling without a valid ticket. However, the four have recently been authorised as Prescribed Officers (this formal process takes some time) by the South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA); this means that CSOs will now be able to report offences to SAPTA to issue fines for travel infringements.

“A number of the comments we’ve received are from customers who are concerned about the amount of fare evasion they witness,” says Head of Customer Experience Zeena Nauman. “Unless you’re in the free zone, a valid ticket is a requirement of travel under the Passenger Transport Regulations so Customer Service Officers will be enforcing that requirement on behalf of the South Australian Government.”

While the group all have backgrounds with customer service roles, three of the four CSOs are new to public transport: Rory and Sukhwinder were formerly with Qantas, and Belinda was part of the Concierge Service at the busy Marion Shopping Centre. For David, it’s a welcome return to the sector. He’s worked in security for the past few years, but started out on Adelaide’s railways.

“It’s great to be back in the rail industry,” says David. “I started out on trains, and I’m so happy to be able to finish my career back in public transport.”

For all of the CSOs, the enjoyment of the role is in being out and about and helping people in whatever way they can.

“People who catch the tram to work every day generally know what they’re doing,” says Rory. “It’s people who don’t catch the tram regularly or visitors from interstate who often need help purchasing tickets or directions to help them get to where they need to go.”

So, if you see any of Torrens Connect’s fab four out and about, say “Hello” and ask them for any help you might need – and make sure you have a valid ticket when travelling!