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Stakeholders see tram operation

Monday, July 6, 2020

Torrens Connect stakeholders came together at the Glengowrie Depot for Day 2 of Adelaide’s new tram operation.

SeaLink Travel Group Chief Executive Officer Clint Feuerherdt was joined by Torrens Connect partnership representatives from Transit Systems (a subsidiary of SeaLink), UGL, John Holland Group, the Department of Planning, Transport and Industry (DPTI) and the South Australian Public Transport Authority (SAPTA).

Mr Feuerherdt said it was business as usual in the seamless transition of Adelaide tram operations to the Torrens Connect partnership.

“As a business headquartered in Adelaide we are very excited to be able to continue bus operations through the retention of our contracts for Torrens Transit and the exciting new addition of trams,  delivered with our partners as Torrens Connect,” Mr Feuerherdt said.

“There is no doubt the experience and strengths this consortium brings, can deliver a customer focused, world class tram service.

“We look forward to improving performance, attracting more customers on board and getting them to where they are going safely, and more enjoyably.”

MOVING FORWARD: John Holland Executive General Manager of Rail Steve Butcher, DPTI Executive Director of People and Corporate Judith Formston, SAPTA Executive Director Anne Alford, Torrens Connect Board Member Jim McAlpine, Torrens Connect General Manager Magda Robertson, Torrens Connect Board Member Ian Quarrie, Torrens Connect Board Member Peter Meyer and SeaLink Group Chief Executive Officer Clint Feuerherdt at the Glengowrie Tram Depot. Picture: Russell Millard Photography.

Executive General Manager of the John Holland Rail Division, Steve Butcher praised the new Torrens Connect team and outlined how the partnership was going to benefit our customers.

“We’re really proud of the team we’ve got here with Torrens Connect, what they’ve done and what we’re looking forward to as we serve the people of Adelaide,” Mr Butcher said.

“We want to improve performance, customer service and engagement to create a seamless end to end travel experience by tram and bus.

“That’s what this partnership is about, working as one with the same values and ethos while driving the best possible customer service.”

Executive director of SAPTA, Anne Alford said she was looking forward to passengers seeing a difference with the strong customer focus from Torrens Connect. She described the continuing tram operational transition to Torrens Connect as a smooth and successful process.

“It’s a very exciting day for DPTI, SAPTA and Torrens Connect as we start a new era of transport operation under a private sector company,” Ms Alford said.

“We have had the private sector operating our buses in Adelaide for more than 20 years so we see this as a very positive extension with the trams.”

“Looking forward I can see even more improvements for our customers and our people.”

Torrens Connect is contracted by the South Australian Government to operate Adelaide trams.