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Tap and pay on trams

Travelling on Adelaide’s trams is about to get easier.

Tap and pay by credit card with the new validators on board Adelaide's trams.

From late September 2020, tram customers without a metroCARD or Seniors Card will be able to tap and pay for their trip with their Visa, Mastercard or (enabled) smart device– without having to be issued with a ticket.

New specially-marked validators have been installed at the centre doors on all Adelaide Metro trams.

Adelaide Metro is introducing the tap-and-pay option on trams as step one of a staged upgrade to the ticketing system.

Customer Service Officers performing ticket checks will be able to verify whether customers have paid from the last four digits of the credit card used. Officers will not be able to see the rest of a customer’s credit card number, their name or other personal details.

Fares will cost the same as a regular metroCARD: $3.84 during peak times or $2.11 interpeak – much cheaper than a regular MetroTicket. Fares will be valid for two hours but only for travel on the tram service.

For more information, see the Adelaide Metro website.