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Meet Our New General Manager

Adelaide’s Glengowrie tram depot has some new faces with none more cheerful and welcoming than Torrens Connect General Manager Magda Robertson.

Tram drivers and workers could have been excused for wondering who the smartly dressed person was as Magda cheerfully waves and smiles her way through every day at the depot.

While Magda’s demeanor is her nature, it is also a clue to why she was selected to blaze a new age in transport for South Australia in partnership with the South Australian State Government.

Magda is the ideal person to ensure a seamless and positive transition as the new service provider of the North South tram and bus contract in South Australia. Not only a transport management superstar, Magda is also one of the most infectiously happy and positive people you’ll ever meet.

“Success is a healthy and happy workforce that delivers a service with a smile, on time, safe and clean while continually making improvements and delivering on service requirements,” Magda said.

“My vision for Torrens Connect will always be linked to the customer and I’d like us to be a place where every member of the team is proud of what they do each day by creating an inclusive environment where everyone is valued.”

And Magda knows her stuff when it comes to transport.

Commencing her career with the Federal Police, Magda moved into transport after the September 11 terrorist tragedy in America. Joining Sydney trains and working her way up through various divisions and positions with the organization and Transport for NSW, Magda then moved to Melbourne as Head of Train Control.

Magda describes this latest move to Adelaide as another “exciting chapter” where she will lead Torrens Connect in an historic transport arrangement for the city.

Magda is a transformational leader who builds high-performance teams through mentoring. She is loving the move to Adelaide which has been part of her life more than 25 years through family.

“I’d like to think I’m hands-on without micromanaging,” Magda said.

“I’m loving the chance to work in Adelaide and moving from heavy rail to trams.

“To get the chance to be involved in another transport mode and this generational transport transformation is super exciting and a challenge that motivates me professionally.”

Torrens Connect is a joint venture with Transit Systems, John Holland Group and UGL that will deliver a simpler, faster and more connected journeys for people living, working and visiting Adelaide.