A yellow Flexity trams arriving at the Victoria Square platform where customers are waiting.

Top 10 things about Adelaide trams

Adelaide’s tram service is as much a South Australian icon as Farmer’s Union Iced Coffee  or Haigh’s chocolate. Electric trams have operated in the Adelaide for more than a century …

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Two members of the maintenance team working on a tram that has been raised up on jacks.

Keeping the fleet rolling

Ensuring trams arrive in good working order is the role of Torrens Connect’s Rolling Stock Maintenance Team. Most of the day, a tram comes along every 10 minutes – 5 …

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A brightly coloured Aboriginalpainting on an eisel in front a tram wrapped in an Indigenous design.

Realising connections

We use words like ‘connect’ and ‘connections’ a lot – which is hardly surprising. But for Torrens Connect, those connections are real and can sometimes have remarkable results. Kaurna/Ngarrindjeri artist …

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Two men standing either side of a third seated man with many screens in the background

Everything’s under control

“If it happens on the tram network, Tram Control either monitor it or control it.” Trams run to a timetable – in fact, Torrens Connect is quite proud of its …

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A female tram operator seated in the tram driver's cab

Tram operators on the move

Torrens Connect is working with CQUniversity looking at how movement can be increased for rail industry workers. There is an increasing awareness of the health risks associated with sedentary jobs …

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Close up of a body-worn camera attached to a hi-vis vest worn by a Customer Service Officer on board a tram

Body cams on board

Torrens Connect’s Customer Service Officers are now wearing body cameras when performing duties. Sometimes it feels like there are cameras everywhere these days: dash cams, traffic cams, CCTV… not to …

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A Customer Service Officer standing on the platform with a tram behind

Rail Safety Week

A moment of distraction can change your life forever. Rail Safety Week (RSW) is held annually in Australia and New Zealand to raise awareness and improve safety both in the …

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Two people pointing to a CrimeStoppers badge on a tram door

Calling out anti-social behaviour

Torrens Connect has entered into an agreement with CrimeStoppers which will see the CrimeStoppers logo and phone number both inside the carriage and on all doors of Adelaide’s tram fleet. …

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A tram travelling past the Glengowrie tram depot

Happy 1st Birthday Torrens Connect

Adelaide’s tram service is celebrating the first anniversary of its operation by Torrens Connect on 5 July 2021. Torrens Connect has had a very successful first year of operation. Operation …

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Four people holding certificates in front of a tram

ISO certification

Torrens Connect has been accredited with conforming to ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001. One of Torrens Connect’s major goals after taking over the operation of Adelaide’s tram service was to …

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A male and female customer travelling in a tram, standing up and holding on to the yellow pole.

Isaac Newton says to hold on!

Holding on during your journey is important because unexpected incidents can happen. Torrens Connect takes pride in its ability to provide an uneventful journey to customers. And that’s the norm. …

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The speakers and panelists at Torrens Connect's IWD event standing in a line holding up their hand

Celebrating women in public transport

Torrens Connect celebrated International Women’s Day with a special event at its Glengowrie depot. The public transport sector is one of the lowest employers of women in Australia – something …

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Rail Infrastructure Manager Tristan Smith with a tram in the background

Everyone loves the corridor

When you get on a tram, do you ever look at the infrastructure required for you to get to your destination? It is perhaps an obvious statement to say that …

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How do you wash a tram?

While crews clean the insides of trams regularly, how do you wash the outside of a tram? The answer is: with a tram wash! Car owners know how much dust …

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Movember fun with a serious message

Some people might think of Movember as men growing a moustache for a laugh, but behind the humour is a more serious concern for raising funds and promoting awareness of …

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Trams and Covid-19

Torrens Connect takes health and safety seriously – of our customers, our employees, and those around the rail corridor. Our employees – especially our tram operators – are vital. Without …

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Customer Service Officers in a tram doorway

Service with a smile

Customer Service Officers are there to assist you. Torrens Connect has four Customer Service Officers and by now regular commuters might be familiar with the faces of Belinda, David, Sukhwinder …

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Lost something? Check with us!

With over 11 000 tram journeys and half a million passengers each month, it’s perhaps surprising that Torrens Connect collects only about 100 items of lost property in that period …

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Tap and pay by credit card with the new validators on board Adelaide's trams.

Tap and pay on trams

Travelling on Adelaide’s trams is about to get easier. From late September 2020, tram customers without a metroCARD or Seniors Card will be able to tap and pay for their …

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Stakeholders see tram operation

Monday, July 6, 2020 Torrens Connect stakeholders came together at the Glengowrie Depot for Day 2 of Adelaide’s new tram operation. SeaLink Travel Group Chief Executive Officer Clint Feuerherdt was …

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Business as usual for Adelaide trams

Sunday, July 5, 2020 Torrens Connect created history in Adelaide this month when its first tram left from the Glengowrie depot. It was business as usual as Tram Operator David …

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